My name is Sierra and I just graduated culinary arts school in May of this year. I decided to create this blog for multiple reasons. I was thinking that all the culinary blogs you see are just really really amazing home cooks, some may even be run by chefs but they are all the same type. They all just give you recipes… mine will be a little different. Yes it will give you all amazing recipes, it will also give the home cook tips and tricks and info that you can’t find anywhere except for a culinary textbook. I was looking through all my culinary books and decided that I would read through them all and go chapter by chapter to give a review and the tips, tricks, and recipes in that chapter. If i have tried the recipe by that point I will let you know how it turns out. If I haven’t then once I do try  it, I will post about it. I’m also using this blog to post about food that I have tried or will try when i go on vacations. I really hope you guys enjoy this blog and you can contact me at anytime by any of the contact info I have on my contact page.


I also run a book review blog on blogger. For those interested it’s slyherinbooklady.blogspot.com if you would like to see a review of the whole book once I’m done here I will post them there, but the chapter  by chapter will go here.