About the Blog

So I didn’t really have enough space to say what I wanted to say about this blog in the about me section, although I think I explained it pretty good. I just wanted to do a more in depth post. Basically every other culinary blogs are just recipes and some may have some tips and tricks. I wanted to mix the best of both worlds for you guys though. I wanted to do a blog that is all about Culinary Arts and I mean everything. I have multiple culinary arts books, which are pictured below. When I run out of culinary arts books I will start going through my cook books. I promise I will try not to repeat myself so I will keep a separate post or papers somewhere that have what has already been written. When I say everything I mean: a chapter by chapter review of each book, tips and tricks, little history lessons depending on the chapter, need to know vocabulary, a full review of the book on my other site here, and tons of other info that’s in the side boxes in the chapter and most importantly the recipes.  For easy access, I will have a index of posts on a separate page in case your looking for something special. If you have any questions you can find my info on the contact page. I have tons of recipes outside of my culinary arts texts that I will give you guys as well. I will review the recipes that I have made and if I haven’t I will tell you the plan for the others. When I get more books, they will be added here. Just ignore the extra books in the back. Although I will have reviews of them up on my other site here.


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